Friends' Property

These are photos that I took while we were staying at our friend's house, while they were out of state, when we first arrived in TN. I took photos with a light and dark setting just to experiment with the different settings on my camera. Somehow I wish I would have stuck with the lighter setting. :)

Lighter Setting

Front yard

Creek that runs through their backyard


Darker Setting

Their Street...and property to the right



Neighbor across the street

Front yard

Backyard looking down at the house

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liberty said...

After noticing you as a follower on our family blog, I checked out your family's a couple of times. I just now saw that you have one of your own.
Noticed that you're a fellow photographer!
So where'd you move to in TN? I saw that y'all were looking at property over by Centerville (very close to where we used to live!).
I miss TN sooooooo bad! So whenever I see any blogger from that area I've just got to ask snoopy questions.
I'm assuming you're acquainted with either Courters or Reeds? (The two prominent blogging families):)

Luke Austin Smith said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yes I do know the Courters, they live about an hour away from our house. My dad actually works for Mr. Courter. Our families get together and play volleyball once and a while but, since they live so far, we probably only see them twice a month on average. I do not know the Reeds personally, but have conversed with Andrew over email and have replied to his challenging comment on my other blog (Click here:

Luke Smith,

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