Photoshop: His Handiwork Header

This is a header that I have created tonight from one of the pictures that I took on our drive around Centerville. If any of you see anything that I could have done to make this header look more picturesque and have experience with Photoshop, please feel free to lend me some pointers. I am new to Photoshop and really want to gain some valuable experience. :)

Driving Around In Centerville

My dad drove our family all throughout Centerville today to seek out property. These are just a few of many photos that I shot during this adventurous drive.

This is one of the houses that we viewed
This one acre of property sits right beside the Duck River
and is on the market for $50,000 - I think my dad will
pass on this one. :)

Power lines that go on for miles

After 3 to 4 hours of driving through gorgeous countryside,
we stopped in Burk's Family Restaurant for a delicious

His Handiwork Photography

Introducing "His Handiwork Photography: Capturing God's Unique Creation"

Photoshop: Puckett's Grocery


Photoshop: Lake Benson Christian Camp

This week I've taken part of my time to familiarize myself with Adobe Photoshop. This is the first photo that I have edited in Photoshop. If you are familiar with Photoshop and you have any suggestions, just post a comment. Don't hesitate to inform me of what I could have done instead.



Couds 6/17/09

Just a few pictures of God's amazing creation

These photos were taken with a Canon SD600


Thunderbird Airshow, October 2008

I attended a Thunderbird airshow with some friends in Georgia back in October of last year, and took 563 photos of F16s, F18s, small single-propeller planes, and C130s. I don't know the names of the single-propeller planes, nor do I remember which ones were F16s or F18s. I had a lot of fun shooting these...I had to hold my mouth just right to get a decent photo. :)

Two C-130's

F-16, F-18 and single-propeller plane

Single-propeller plane

Finally the Thunderbirds are next in the air

Pilots marching to their stations...


...and finally airborne

It's easier than it looks, let me just say that. ;)

"Bomb Burst"

This part was INCREDIBLY loud!

U.S. Army 'booth'


SilverQueen Sweet Corn...

I took some pictures last night of SilverQueen Sweet corn that I was thinning out at a friend's farm.

Each corn stalk had to be at least 51/2" to 6" apart

There were quite a few stalks that were too close together,
as is evident in the photo below

SilverQueen Sweet Corn

Out of 10 rows of 100' of corn, this is how much I
had to pluck out of the ground

Here are a couple of closeups :)

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