Lightroom 2...and Amish Community

My friend 'convinced' me that Lightroom 2 is the way to go for I went ahead and downloaded the trial version. I absolutely love it! I would recommend this program for any photographer. I will be purchasing this program and using it for photography hereinafter.

To check out Lightroom 2, click on the image below:

Lightroom 2 - License

Today my mom, sisters and I drove an hour out of town to shop for produce within the Amish community. During this exciting venture, I encountered amazing barns and buildings that could not have been passed up for photographing.

Update on 'Green Beans'

I have posted this photo editing project before in one of my previous posts, but I don't think the clouds looked realistic, so here's an update.

Latest Update

Blueberries...Driving...Horses...and Waffles

Blueberry Picking




My eldest sister Brittany
Driving Priviledges

My first parking job


Lonely horses

Waffle Night


Sweet Tea

Dutch Blitz

Photoshop: Extracted Tree

Today I focused on extracting objects from other pictures. In the image below you will see that I combined three images to create a more appealing and characterized look.

Photoshop: Removing Power Lines From Image

Here is an image that I edited in about, oh, 10 to 12 minutes. The following changes were made to the original photo:

1. Color enhancement
2. Object removal - power lines
3. Enhanced sky with blue
4. Added clouds to sky

Photoshop: His Handiwork Logo

I am attempting to design a catchy logo for my 'business'.
Here's what I've whipped up today:

Photoshop: CS4 Design

Here's my latest design:

Photoshop: Adding Clouds To Sky

Today I sought out to find a way to bring more depth to a picture by adding clouds to a sky with the brush in Photoshop CS4. Here is where I learned how: Click here

Original Photo

Photo With Clouds

More Independence Day Photos

Dinner at the Burton Home...

...and although these two definantly do not
mix, I suppose they both deserve a certain
amount of respect. :)

Pictures From Independence Day

I've decided to broaden my horizons with my photo-
graphy and take some snapshots of a flowers:

Photoshop: Candlestick Banner

Here is what I've created today

Photoshop: 3D Text and Red Sphere

Here are two Photoshop images that I created from scratch today. Click on the images to get better quality.

"Photoshop CS" 3D Text

Red Sphere

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