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"His Handiwork | Blog" has a new location.  For those of you who are following this blog address, go ahead and switch over to:

I will no longer be posting on the address: 

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Exclusively For Pro-Creationists

Click on the image below to download my newest creation: Creationism vs. Fatalism wallpaper:

The photo of Genesis was shot by me below:

...School Bus...Ford...and Kroger


More pictures from So. Cal. trip.

Here's the latest logo that I have created...It's designed for a company that services half photography and half graphic design.

Random Pics From So Cal

Windows "Unixy" Wallpaper

Now that I have been running Windows 7, I decided to think beyond the latter. ;) Here's what I whipped up in Photoshop tonight.

Adobe Icon Set

I have somewhat duplicated the adobe icons in Illustrator, but added a little twist to the original look:

Click on the link to download this icon set for you desktop (.ico files):

If you would like to download just the images, click on the next link below (.png files):

Change Your Blogger Favicon

Do you ever get tired of the same old blogger logo appearing in your browser tab whenever you enter your blog? Well, I finally figured out how to replace that blogger logo (favicon) with my His Handiwork Logo on my blog in Blogger:

Follow the instructions below to do the same to your blog:

Step #1 - Upload your image that you would like to replace onto a remote server (I use Photobucket or Google Groups)

Step #2 - Copy the direct link provided by your image hoster (Photobucket, etc..) and paste it as showed in the image below:

If you have any questions, just email me at

Illustrator CS4: Twitter Bird

This week I received Adobe Design Premium CS4. It includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Indesign, Fireworks, and more. After somewhat mastering Photoshop (no one ever really does) I'm taking some time to learn Illustrator. Illustrator is a program dedicated to creating fully vector graphics. Click here to find out more about Illustrator and how vector graphics work:

Here's my first attempt to create something in Adobe Illustrator:

Note: I do not use Twitter... :)

Purchase Illustrator

Illustrator CS4 - License

Photoshop Wallpapers

Here are two wallpapers that I've created from scratch to fit my desktop.



Latest Desktop Background

Here's my current desktop background that I created this afternoon.

Gaylord Opryland Hotel

Our friends took us to see and walk the Gaylord Opryland Hotel Thursday night and I tried to capture some incredible sites with my powershot. See to see photos shot of this hotel from an iphone by my friend Dylan Pine.

Water foutain amidst dining

Family Portraits...2/5

Here are a couple family portraits...three more to come

Me (Photo shot by Cassaundra)

Youngest Sister Cassaundra

Photos of So CA House

These two photos of our old house in So CA were shot back in the middle of July '08 before we moved at the end of the month. The pictures are of poor quality due to lack of experience with photography back in "those days".

Website Launched

I have launched my new website of which is solely dedicated to 'His Handiwork Photography and Design'

Here's the link:

Half of a Car and Sunday Clouds


Here are 4 photos that were shot back in March

Lightroom 2...and Amish Community

My friend 'convinced' me that Lightroom 2 is the way to go for I went ahead and downloaded the trial version. I absolutely love it! I would recommend this program for any photographer. I will be purchasing this program and using it for photography hereinafter.

To check out Lightroom 2, click on the image below:

Lightroom 2 - License

Today my mom, sisters and I drove an hour out of town to shop for produce within the Amish community. During this exciting venture, I encountered amazing barns and buildings that could not have been passed up for photographing.

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