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"His Handiwork | Blog" has a new location.  For those of you who are following this blog address, go ahead and switch over to:

I will no longer be posting on the address: 

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Luke Smith,

His Handiwork

Exclusively For Pro-Creationists

Click on the image below to download my newest creation: Creationism vs. Fatalism wallpaper:

The photo of Genesis was shot by me below:

...School Bus...Ford...and Kroger


More pictures from So. Cal. trip.

Here's the latest logo that I have created...It's designed for a company that services half photography and half graphic design.

Random Pics From So Cal

Windows "Unixy" Wallpaper

Now that I have been running Windows 7, I decided to think beyond the latter. ;) Here's what I whipped up in Photoshop tonight.

Adobe Icon Set

I have somewhat duplicated the adobe icons in Illustrator, but added a little twist to the original look:

Click on the link to download this icon set for you desktop (.ico files):

If you would like to download just the images, click on the next link below (.png files):

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